1st June 2010


Enjoy new article about Grossmann Jet Service in Mercury's club magazine. To read whole article please,

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25th March 2010

Prague to be at the heart of Central European business aviation

March 25, 2010 - PRAGUE.

Less than a month remains to the start of CEPA's (Central Europe Private Aviation) inaugural conference, which has attracted the attention of aviation professionals from around the world. From manufacturers, to aircraft operators, insurance and consulting companies, everyone is focused on Prague.

The CEPA 2010 conference will be held 22-23 April at the hotel Mandarin Oriental in Prague, Czech Republic. The conference aims to bring together key players from the business aviation industry in Central Europe. A special, long-term project will be announced at the press conference on the first day, which will be sure to draw attention to the Czech Republic and the country's role in business aviation in the region.

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23rd March 2010

V.I.P. on call

Grossmann Jet Service has become a member of Czech V.I.P. Mercury's Club. To read whole article presenting Grossmann Jet Service to other members and their top clients click on link.

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22nd March 2010

Special Focus - Buying with confidence Part 1: The hunt is always on for aircraft that will do the job and hold their value

Dagmar Grossmann shares her opinion together with other business aviation professionals.

The Czech Republic's Grossmann Jet Services is strongly focusing on VLJs while still servicing demand in the heavy and midsize ranges. Industry contacts and knowledge are key. Dagmar Grossmann, ceo, says: "I know the people I deal with personally, including the brokers and the suppliers. I choose the best but the selection of manufacturer depends on the needs and preferences of the clients."

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21st March 2010

CEPA connects private aviation across Europe

Just over four months after founding the Central Europe Private Aviation (CEPA) association, the board has seen enormous interest from all sectors of the private aviation industry. The enthusiastic response has confirmed their belief that Central Europe has long needed an association to support and develop business aviation. As part of its mission to connect industry players both within the region and to the rest of the world, CEPA is hosting a conference this April 22-23 in Prague, the centre of Europe.

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