11th November 2011



Waiting after a long trip wrapped in my new coat, I love


Monday mornings are like this, waking up at 3.30 and 4 hours drive before 7 hours of meeting


but then a good coffee and the world is saved again ;-)

10th November 2011

New blog

Already Sigmund Freud said it…..the biggest power is the sexual and the criminal energy and both energys are driven by the ego. The EGO is something that I have seen many people having a serious problem with. Some of them simply deny they have it and others simply overdraw. And for those who overdraw my advise is;”Don t do it, because I saw more people falling and stumbling from EGO then from other things, it simply drives you mad..

One of the main skills a pilot should have before it goes into the technical part and the simulator is menthal ability to make fast and straight decisions, which require EGO or at least something that drives him and according to the limbic system to make him expect any reward. Reward means being better and being seen, and this means EGO.

Some times ago, I met some managers who thought that it is really easy to run an aviation company and some of the people call it cool, I call it hard work and compare it with the fact that million people are the better soccerplayer in front of TV and would have all the necessary advises with a bottle of beer in their hand when it comes to hit the goal.

................................continue under

29th October 2011





Followed by the question HOW ARE YOU and WHEN ARE YOU FINALLY THERE. How many books did we read in our entire life to find the solution. Gi Gong, Tai Chi, Horse academy and the other things such as horoscopes and tarot, followed by fortune teller  witches.

I am a cautious person when it comes to the spiritual things. Too much respect of it, really. And anyhow I do believe that for me nothing is for free in life. It proved evidence, that this is like that. One day in Hong Kong, a fortuneteller told me that I will meet a very important man for me, THE man for me. I forgot it immediately after and had some cocktails in the Peninsula Hotel, being impressed how it is really shaky when the wind is blowing (did not believe that storries till I found out myself)….Some 2 months later in a meeting I met a man, THE man as I thought within seconds. It was dazzling and the details of my fortunetellerstory are not for here, just so much…….As the fortuneteller described me the person so detailed – height, place and even the colour of his hair, the question was if my unconcious mind stored it and thought that was the story becomming reality – hen or egg. According to the end of it – this was it, as beside the fact that he was important, the fortuneteller did forget to tell me why, as I nearly cut  him into 1000 pieces the way he behaved and wanted to impress me not knowing that unfortunately the real things in life that counts are shown only after time goes by. An average man, who got the glory from a fortuneteller so far, what a sad story.

For men is said, ……have a son, plant a tree and write a book. I am a man, really a real guy in a female body, I would be the perfect gentleman, never I would forget to light the cigarette of my TOD (target of desire) nor would I be a coward – I would jump in front of the taxi and would make a fool out of myself and I would never be afraid of the strong women I meet on my journey in life, in contrary I would be proud to have the honour to meet one or another of them. And I would dare to send out clear signs of the game between men and women. Not sending signs and then hide and enjoy the million spaces for interpretation. I would be the masterguy and the most important is I would answer each and every mail within seconds, keeping my promises and never avoid a conflict, because I am a man, and there are thousands of men outside, who deserve that they are men, real chaps, dudes, guys, mecs….

Sometimes I am so much a guy that I open the door and show to the men I do business with that he can pass as I watch him and hold him the door, goodness gracious, where are we, but P. my translator to the female world says this is because I work in a mens world and I always pay the restaurant bills and I am used to take care on me myself, “should I bring you to the hotel”………”Oh no thank you it is just close by and nobody will do anything to me” (even I am afraid to go alone, I won t show it as I do business with the guys and like a guy)

If you work with the guys in their flying devices and  hear all their problems and worries that airmen can have you just need to do one thing, Dagmar, be a real guy and do the last thing that  a guy does  -  write a book.

I did. About Pilots, a serious one, that gives all the respect for their work and shows why they become pilots and when they do have fear. I talked to hundreds of them, those who are not close to me, as I wanted to know if they are all the same. And I found out Pilots are special, and it says alot who I am that I did this job and book and life beside them. I even married one. They want to be free and I want to be free. And whereever I go never I take pictures of the landscape and being asked why this is so I smile and respond “The real adventures are in our minds!!”

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.
Ronald Reagan


29th October 2011


I bet you know the feeling when you wake up late and the coffeemachine is slow and the dog just messed up the living room and you know it will be a tough day.

Well before I start, the following description is just existing in the phantasy of the author only. :-)

Hint Nr. 2 before you continue reading just consider to also check the blog of my friend DOMO, as her smile blog - in German - is something that I am always looking forward on such a day, every Thursday she lights up my Thursdays with stories from home, good old Austria.

And instead Y O U are in the new world here and ...

You just leave home and what are you searching ----- what? ....please all the girls do not let me be alone with this -------------the car key, voila. Of course the car key and my friend Sigi gave me a tool that looks like an electric plug in which you plug your key. And I put it there and searched it for more then 1 hour, not used to have order in these little things.

Completely sweating in one hand the bag then 5 other bags and the dress for the evening with the shoes that fit and because of the shortage of time the coffee mug. I try to close the door that my beloved dog is not following me and I hit it so strongly that the doorbell starts to ring and the housekeeper comes out and the dog escapes and hides under the car. In the meantime I place my mug on the roof of the car to get the dog away which causes a problem as I have 2 dogs and the second dog thinks that I will do something to his friend and is pulling on my Pr..a jacket. I start to shout and my housekeeper thinks she has to bring something from inside but the door is closed and the key is inside. .......OK, slowly. open the garden door, bring all the animals inside, tell the housekeeper you love her and go back to your car, right.

The dogs inside I just push back my car and wonder why it is raining coffee. Oh my god, and the mug falls down and breaks, so I wait till I roll over the broken mug and my tire is torn, when my mother phones in. Me :"Mum please i am really let s say under stress" mother :"Good morning, I do not understand why you are always stressed, can you imagine, my neighbor came home at 4 and he took even a shower - I will complain." My nerves are on a thin thread when I hold a monolog about tolerance and the fact that it is better to have a showering neighbor then the opposite and for sure I lost my mother as a friend for the next weeks.

You arrive to the office and it is photo shooting day. The smell of coffee and the friendly faces let me hope that it is finally a good day. My plan is to sort out everything till 11 and then do the post and the emails and the afternoon will be for the new projects. I approach my desk and see that there are some urgent things that cannot wait and start to do it, while 5 people line up in front of my office to have "5 minutes" each. My body language says no as I lift the hand to create a barrier but it does not help me at all. The 5 minutes thieves come in and start to talk and talk as there is no tomorrow. While 2 are in my office I have to find a quick solution and this is the point. It means that for each of the 300 problems, you as the GM, have to immediately know all details and side agreements, and even better all figures to make a judgment. So it is not new that I try to get a picture by asking Why. ..Why....why....and guess what, the problem becomes bigger instead of smaller.

The phone is ringing and while one call is on hold the mobile phone is wringing too, I kill the caller, even it is the MOMD (Men of my dreams) while I identify a new sound on my mobile phone. My assistant invented the virtual calendar that reminds me on something such as ..........flight to London in 3 weeks, 4 days, 7 hours and 8 minutes. This has a daily reminder. Where can I please stop it. The only escape for me is the bathroom. So I rush to the bathroom to have some quiet minutes. The bad thing is that I have to pass 3 offices and 15 people. "Excuse me, can I have 5 minutes"........"Yes, just a second please, I will be back in few moments and then we do the pictures, really"................................I take a deep breath in the bathroom and put some makeup for the photo shooting. When I come back, everything is sort of ready except the camera which battery was not charged and the charger is physically not present, but will be back soon :-)


Finally I run back to my office and I am afraid. Afraid of my own mobile phone, that is communicating with me. And while my friend is phoning me I type the email and I grasp for words that do not come to my mind. "sorry", I said, " I can t speak German any more fluently, can you imagine"....she answered"you are dement, that is all".......I even lost that friend.

Well I start with the dog and I end with sorting out problems with the guys in their flying devices and it reminds me on the game that children play when they hit a hammer on each of the frogs that pop up. A noise tells them that this frog is gone while on another side another frog pops up. Children pls exercise this game very well as you will badly need it once you are adult.



16th October 2011

Austrian Celebration

Before the great party I picture me in the austrian Dirndl, did not wear it for so many years and then 2x in row.





This is Sigi, my lifefriend, together we have 7 children and 3 marriages, some funerals too and million of tears we cried over the years before we died from laughter. We are 100 years together, because one of us looks fabulous with her 75 years :-)

Happy birthday Sigi, you are so much younger than me, I admire your courage and your strength


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