6th August 2012

6th August 2012

What we learn from them.......

 This is ECO a very strong alpha male, it is always the same, the alphas want to be huged and smile secretly. Finally for all those people outside, the secret time is over here is my alpha male, not working in aviation and so far unknown, the mysterium is now over I am seen with a male one on my side, what I usually never do officially, what a relief ;-)

enjoy the summer.....

3rd August 2012


this is my new post

enjoy and have a wonderful summer


1st August 2012


1st August 2012

Today is my birthday

 Today I am 51 years old, but i think i am 15. This is because I am curious and crazy and i do believe in love and life. I have the luxury to be surrounded by people I want to be surrounded and the strength to say no to those who do not deserve it. I am thankful to my life, my wonderful children and the fact that I could have moments that most probably many people would dream about. I am grateful to the people who love me the way i am and that I can have many more moments to come. Thanks to all my patient friends advising me in areas I am lost (womangames, as I am a man in my thinking ;-))) and I am glad to lighten up sometimes my friends and beloved ones lives by messing it up with black humour and crazyness.

May all of us celebrate many more of these wonderful moments and have a healthy (especially my children and parents) and happy long life.



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