10th October 2014

how to be a queen

 in case you stumble, get up again put your crown in the right direction back and continue your path....

25th August 2014

new looks for pics

CEPA EXPO is on the way and i am so excited. The show will be at the Prgue Castle this year and in such a historical place things are of course dealt with care. I immagine there all the 400 to 500 year old walls telling us what they heard and saw. Immagine this that you stand in the same room that a lady with her long long silk dress was dancing in 1730. We started doing pictures and i do hate this. So much posing / i prefer the natural ones with wrinklesmiling instead.

Cross your fingers for the 19th and 20th of november 2014.

19th August 2014

I change my haircolour and start new, maybe not entirely xxx

18th August 2014

Without courage, all other virtues lose their meaning, Winston Churchill

How Social Media Created an Echo Chamber for Ideas

AUGUST 15, 2014, 4:00 PM

In the early days of social media, idealists dreamed of a digital market place for ideas, the kind that might help rejuvenate a democracy too often given over to distractions. If communication were nearly effortless, the reasoning went, people would have much less to lose by listening to those of different ideological stripes. Today, however, sociologists have concluded that social media often entrench people's ideological positions and even make those positions more extreme. Witness the age of a bitterly divided America.

Harvard law professor Cass Sunstein has studied this phenomenon at length, finding that deliberation among a group of likeminded people moves the group toward a more extreme point of view. 

"The mere discussion of, or deliberation over, a certain matter or opinion in a group may shift the position of the entire group in a more radical direction. The point of view of each group member may even shift to a more extreme version of the viewpoint they entertained before deliberating."

Thus individuals, companies, and other organization looking to understand the world in new ways must develop tools to deliberately include opinions that they do not agree with. The problem of general agreement to the exclusion of new ideas is particularly a problem in our universities, explains Harvard english professor Louis Menand in his Big Think interview:


so that is what i mean, same people have same ideas and spread those ideas within their circles.

lots of love


18th August 2014

What will the year bring


This is the year of the horse, the fast running away,always comming back horse. Well, well, next please.

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